West meets East: Understanding Chinese speaking societies

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West meets East takes you on an exciting exploration of Chinese-speaking societies!


West meets East takes you on an exciting exploration of Chinese-speaking societies! This captivating book is a must-read for curious minds looking to dive deeper into these societies. Get ready to explore the fascinating similarities and differences between mainland China and Germany, Taiwan and the Netherlands, Singapore and Denmark.


Inside the book, you will find eye-catching infographics created through research and brainstorming sessions with students and professionals. Get ready to delve into topics like:
• People and Culture
• System, Leadership and Economy
• Technological Advancement and Innovation
• Climate Action, Energy, Future energy and Food issues


Whether you are a student, researcher, policy advisor or business pro, West meets East is your go-to resource. You will walk away with valuable insights into the unique characteristics of Chinese, Taiwanese and Singaporean societies.



2 reviews for West meets East: Understanding Chinese speaking societies

  1. Joost

    West meest Eats gives an eye-opening and unique view on the relationship between Chinese speaking societies and some close to home European countries, explained with help of Peter’s extensive knowledge on both worlds (and some great infographics).

    The book touches upon a range of similarities and differences offering a new perspective of looking at each others culture and development area’s. It is a great recommendation to get more insights into what seems to be a sometimes misunderstood world of Chinese speaking societies.

    I very much enjoyed reading the book and West meets East has inspired me to pick up my Chinese language studying again!!

  2. Joep Barten

    Over the last couple of weeks I kept on reading Peter’s book West meets East. I recognized a lot, I learned a lot, got new insights and it felt like travelling around Singapore, China, Germany and Denmark again. For learning, understanding, getting inspired, this book is a must read, travel, listen and tasting guide for anyone looking beyond borders!!

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